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Warehouse spaces

Are you looking for a warehouse space? See what we have to offer.

Our offer will give you a comfortable and safe warehouse space, perfect for your business operations. Dust-free floors, with maximum permissible load of 5 T/sq m, docks with hydraulic ramps, and ground zero gates accessible to vehicles of various types, and a large manoeuvring yard come as a standard.

With these improvements, communication between the warehouse and the manoeuvring yard is effective and helps to improve organisation of work at your company. The warehouse space at Wrocław-Bielany Logistics Centre was made according to the top-class standards and conforms with all legal regulations, particularly the fire safety regulations. The facility is equipped with sprinkler system, smoke removal system, hydrant installation, and its own fire water reservoir.

The office space adjacent to warehousing modules may be arranged according to the customer’s expectations. In addition to this, we guarantee availability of dedicated parking lots at the facility’s perimeter. The property’s standard remains high owing to continuous quality improvements and infrastructure upgrades. Visit this facility and make the right decision.



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